Bring purity nootropic from origin

Nootropicsorigin mainly sells to resellers, distributors, and contact manufacturers with quantity and price requests,please contact mail [email protected] or WhatsApp if you want to buy. Basically we do not sell to personal use, but we can recommend the nearest distributors for references.

We accept payment methods as Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Western Union, Paypal.

Delivery methods are based on quantity you buy,from small quantity we use international express as Fedex,TNT,DHL.UPS which delivery time is about 3-5 working days without including customs delay.

For bulk quantity as 100kg quantity we suggest to choose ship by air which delivery time is about 5-7working days.

For large quantity as more than 300kg quantity,we can also ship by sea which takes 15-30 days but ship cost much less.

Once after shipment,a COA of the product you buy will be provided by email,if your test result is not confirm the same data as our COA,we will check and find a solution or a refund.

You can contact us by email [email protected] or [email protected],also you can contact via whatsapp or shype,we will be quick to answer your questions.

We will provide COA of each goods for your reference before order.

Normally MOQ is 100gram/bag,some herbal extract MOQ is 1kg/bag.

It depends on the ingredients you request,you can ask free samples by mail here [email protected]

There are so many kinds of online nootropics products and store,it is easy to get from North American and Western Europe,why should I buy from you?The very simple answer is quality assurance and low price,because they are from origin manufacturer of China,there is no brokers thus no difference price.You don’t have to worry about the quality,because Chinese government is very strict on pharmaceutical factories,and most nootropics are only allowed to be produced by GMP pharmaceutical factories,their standard is very high.We Nootropicsorigin bulk buy from these pharmaceutical factories with factory price and wholesale to final customer or distrubuters and contract manufacturers overseas.The more quantity you buy,the lower price you will get.That is how we make deal with pharmaceutical factories.

If you are looking for reliable nootropics vendors,there are plenty of methods to find supplier,Alibaba,Made-in-China,Chemicalbooks.You know Nootropics or Sarms are just a very small part in fine chemical industry,lots of suppliers you find are not the manufacturers.They are the brokers,the prices varies a lot from difference suppliers you find.

But from Nootropicsorigin,you will find the pure products with original prices.