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Apigenin 98% HPLC


Apigenin (4′,5,7-trihydroxyflavone), a flavone subclass of flavonoid widely distributed in many herbs, fruits, and vegetables is a substantial component of the human diet and has been shown to possess a variety of biological activities including tumor growth inhibition and chemoprevention.

Typical Specification: Apigenin 98% HPLC

Light yellow powder

Apigenin Effects

  1. Works as an Antioxidant
  2. Has Antimicrobial Effects
  3. Reduces Pain
  4. Supports Heart Health
  5. Boosts Brain Function
  6. Eases Anxiety and Depression
  7. Fights Diabetes
  8. Works as an Anticancer Agent
  9. May Increase Testosterone

Dosage and Stack


There is no minimum oral intake of apigenin supplement for the time being. For general health and well-being, together with amino acids, vitamins, doses of apigenin from 20mg to 50mg are preferred.


Dosage form application

  • Pure powder form without excipients for research use.
  • Tablet or capsule for prescription use.

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