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J147 is an experimental drug with reported effects against both Alzheimer’s disease and aging in mouse models of accelerated aging.

The approach that leads to the development of the J147 drug was to screen candidate molecules for anti-aging effects, instead of targeting the amyloid plaques. It is contrary to most other approaches to developing drugs against Alzheimer’s disease that target the plaque deposits in the brain.

The J147 drug is also reported to address other biological aging factors, such as preventing the leakage of blood from microvessels in mice brains.[5] The development of J147 follows the chemical pharmacological way, contrary to biological ways that exploit e.g. use of bacteriophages.

Enhanced neurogenic activity over J147 in human neural precursor cells has its derivative called CAD-31. CAD-31 is enhancing the use of free fatty acids for energy production by shifting of the metabolic profile of fatty acids toward the production of ketone bodies, a potent source of energy in the brain when glucose levels are low.

The target molecule is a protein called ATP synthase, which is found in the mitochondria.


Research chemicals and recommend only lab use or personal own independent research.

Specification:J147 99% pure powder

CAS:1146963-51-0,Purity≥99.0%,white to offwhite powder.

How Does J147 Work?

Scientists were able to show that J147 works by manipulating ATP, a protein in the mitochondria and the body’s mobile source of energy. When J147 was present, neurons were protected from toxicities associated with aging. Additional experiments showed that J147 increases the levels of ATP and promotes healthier, more stable mitochondria.

“We know that age is the single greatest contributing factor to Alzheimer’s, so it is not surprising that we found a drug target that’s also been implicated in aging,” said Josh Goldberg, the paper’s first author.

Scientists have long targeted the protein beta-amyloid, which accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, but since age is the single biggest risk factor for dementia, a drug that targets it could be the piece of the puzzle researchers have been looking for. J147 could potentially be successful in other neurodegenerative diseases, too, like Parkinson’s.

“People have always thought that you need separate drugs for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke,” said Schubert. “But it may be that by targeting aging we can treat or slow down many pathological conditions that are old-age associated.”

Dosage and Stack


In the J147 trial tests done on mice, the test subjects were treated with a J147 dosage of 10 mgs for a kilogram of body weight for a day. This is by no means a standard dose. It would be better to consult with your doctor before starting to use J147.

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