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Mucuna Puriens Extract

Known as an adaptogen, the plant helps your body handle stress since it stabilizes your body despite the fluctuation of the outside world. Mucuna pruriens can help boost your energy and immune system if you take it as an extract. Some recommended that you take it as an afternoon pick-me-up. Since it increases your body’s energy level, you are able to focus better. 

It’s the seeds from this plant that hold the magic, which are actually beans. Water extraction method is used to make Mucuna pruriens extract.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract Benefits

1、Relief From Stress and Anxiety

2、Cognitive Health Improvements 

3、Helps You Feel Better

4、Increases Fertility in Men

5、Improves Sleep Quality

Mucuna Pruriens Extract Dosage

Although it’s recommended to start with small doses (250-750mg) in order not to experience any negative side effects, there are no set guidelines for how much Mucuna Pruriens Extract should be taken.

Some people take upwards of 1500mg a day!

It’s suggested to start with 250mg and monitor your reaction before increasing the dosage if needed.

You can also use Mucuna pruriens extract as part of a stack containing other nootropics, vitamins, or minerals that support cognitive health.

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