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PRL-8-53 pure powder


PRL-8-53 is a nootropic research chemical derived from benzoic acid and phenylmethylamine (Benzylamine) that has been shown to act as a hypermnesic drug in humans.


Research chemicals and recommend only lab use or personal own independent research.

Specification: PRL-8-53 pure powder

Cas:51352-87-5,purity≥99.0%,off white solid powder

How Does PRL-8-53 Work?

Since there have only been a few studies on the topic, we only have a preliminary understanding of how PRL-8-53 works.

Researchers believe that PRL-8-53 displays cholinergic properties and that it increases acetylcholine activity, which is a neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in memory and cognition. It looks like this supplement may also increase dopamine levels in the brain, which are connected to our memory function, motivation, and fatigue levels.

PRL-8-53 also seems to inhibit serotonin production, which may increase feelings of anxiety, depression, or insomnia. While heightened levels of dopamine combined with lowered levels of serotonin may lead to impulsive aggressive disorders, human trials did not reveal such symptoms or side effects.

Side Effects

In human studies, PRL-8-53 was tolerated quite well, and the test subjects presented no side effects at all. In animal studies, high doses of PRL-8-53 appeared to depress motor function. Since there hasn’t been much research on this supplement, it’s difficult to pinpoint any applicable side effects beyond the anecdotal evidence that’s been provided by the nootropic community.

Those who take PRL-8-53 mirror the sentiment that this nootropic is well-tolerated and presents few side effects if any. Those who do experience side effects find them to be quite mild, and the most common side effect is a mild headache. Some users have noted that this supplement doesn’t interact well with antihistamines.

As with all supplements, you should closely monitor how your body responds to low dosages before moving on to a fully therapeutic dose.
Keep in Mind
While PRL-8-53 seems to be a very safe nootropic supplement, it’s important to consider perspective: all research of this supplement has been conducted by the patent holder, and the research that has been published is quite limited.

As a research chemical, there is currently no accepted therapeutic benefit to this supplement, and it’s possible that there are dangers associated with PRL-8-53 that we have yet to realize. For this reason, we suggest taking this supplement with caution and developing a full understanding of its effects before upping your dosage or stacking this supplement with other nootropics.

Dosage and Stack


In the published studies, Dr. Hansl’s team hinted that other administrations of PRL-8-53 might prove to be more effective, but only oral supplementation was studied. For that reason, we recommend sticking with an oral dose of this supplement.

PRL-8-53 is most typically available as a power, and it’s sold in 1-5-gram jars. Most users will weigh out their dosage and swallow it, add it to a drink, or package it inside of a capsule for easier consumption.


As PRL-8-53 is a relatively unknown nootropic with only a limited body of research to support its usage, it’s harder to say what this supplement stacks best with. However, many people find that PRL-8-53 can be a good addition to a well-formulated stack.

Other relatively innocuous supplements such as vitamin B12, Alpha-GPC, Memantine, Sunifiram, Semax, or N-acetyl appear to be solid options for stacking with PRL-8-53.

Keep in mind that since we have such a limited understanding of how PRL-8-53 works, and the substances that it may interact with, it’s hard to say with any certainty if these or any other stacks are effective, or even safe. For this reason, we don’t recommend including PRL-8-53 in your stack.

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