Buy origin nootropics from China or India?

Buy origin nootropics from China or India?

China and India are always the most important exporting countries for medical materials. They are the resources for the western countries. Generic medicines from India is very sizable and its government project and protect for generic medicine. It has the same active pharmaceutical ingredient as that in its counter branded durgs but costs 30-80% less compared to the original product.

And most generic medicines export to developed countries in Europe and America. In India, there are about 10500 pharmaceutical unit factories and more than 3000 pharmaceutical companies. They product 10% percent of the total drug of the world. One of regulated nootropic from India is Modafinil of Sun Pharma you can buy online.

Not like India, the Chinese government has strict policy to protect the branded medicines,but they encourage exporting active pharmaceutical ingredients. Even India drug manufacturer buy raw materials from China. So you can find the cheapest nootropics raw materials in powder form but not capsule or tablet form. Most nootropics are still classified to drug class, which request GMP certification if producing into finished product form. That is why many contract manufacturer’s origin raw materials are actually from China, I am not saying all are from China. But Chinese raw materials are high proportion due to its high quality and cheap price.

Chinese suppliers are doing less on the product application and marketing promotion, they are doing well to service the distributor. That is why you seldom see online advertising of Chinese nootropics,but you must understand the nootropic you are taking is probably from China.

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