How is the raw materials trend after the epidemic?

The novel coronavirus epidemic had a significant impact on China’s economic development and people’s production, work, life, and study. And for the development of all material industry, also suffer a serious dilemma. Although the epidemic has been well controlled in China, still the impact existed. Most of the factories are slow in recovery. And the demand has been squeezing and increasing from China mainland and the world.

We all know that China is a major raw material exporter of all kinds of industries.The whole nation has been stopped in production for about a month. The stock consumption is moving fast. So a lack of supply is driving up prices. Focused on the supplement market, vitamins raw materials go up as always. Actually vitamins prices are always unsteady due to severe pollution. While the world all depend on China exporting.Product as VE,VA,VK3,D- Biotin,etc.

Price rise is the trend, if there is normal demand, we suggest refill as soon as possible.

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