How to verify good quality phenibut hcl?

As a nootropics expert seller and purchaser,we do also source good quality raw materials around,good quality and reasonable price are always what our persistent pursuit.

Taking phenibut hcl as an example, there are a lot of suppliers of it, actually, the real factory which produces it with licenses are just several ones. Some small factories or labs can also produce it without a license, however, their QC system is unsteady or even non-transparent. That is a negative factor for us as professional purchasing.

You know before asking for a sample, you need to consider their scope of the business, a professional manufacturer won’t have a long product list, they will only focus on several important they want to occupy the main market and sell to trading companies. Their price is ranging and depending on the quantity. Usually, a small quantity will be not interested by them. That is why we trading companies exist. Their price can be good if your quantity is enough at least like a drum(25kg). The least level factory will have low MOQ and low price also, about the quality it is an unsteady situation.

Here are two phenibut hcl samples from two factories, now we will find out the differences by physical feature. After comparing difference phenibut hcl sample, we find nice phenibut hcl get the good qualities are as follows:

  • White fine crystal fog powder without visible impurities.
  • The powder has uniform fluidity.
  • Weaker characteristic odour.
  • Taste bitter with acid,like lemon.
  • Excellent water solubility.

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