How will the coronavirus affect the nootropics market?

How will the coronavirus affect the nootropics market?

Believe it or not, most nootropics raw materials come from Asia especially China. Every capsule or tablet of Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline or any herb extracts have a very big chance from China. Why China, simple reason-they are pure enough and also cheap price with great services. That is why most distributors or pharmaceutical factories choose to reply to the Chinese market for raw materials.

Then how does coronavirus connect with the nootropics market?

According to the epidemic situation, all companies, factories, labs has been closed until the end of Feb. And most airlines have been stopped the flights to China, and no sure when they will recover again to China.

That means there will come a shortage of raw materials, goods which used to import from China. As the inventory continues to run down, you just have to wait for the market recovery. Maybe take about several months until the epidemic outbreak is in remission. You can also book some order with your supplier, and get the last stock which can ship firstly to you once all get to normal. We also need to focus on all the polices on importing from China to escape any customs problems before you making the order.

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