Why do we just sell powder form nootropics, not capsules or tablets?

Some people come to ask if we also sell nootropics capsules? It makes me think about the possibilities. Why no capsules and tablets? Because nootropicsorigin will just bring the origin raw materials without any excipients, you know a capsule or tablet will occupy plenty of excipients such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, that need to be scientifically calculated in labs and production by machine not hand-made.

As I know there are some suppliers who claim they can provide nootropics tianeptine sodium capsules. You never know how do they make it, they could use a small capsule machine, mix, and process by hand, the microbes are probably over the limit and god knows how much tianeptine sodium will be in a capsule.

A professional contract manufacturer will only accept capsule order at least 300,000pcs. So it is not an easy thing for safety consideration. As a ingredients supplier,nootropicsorigin wants to focus on the reliability and quality control, and we want our purpose remains the same and services get better.

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