Shilajit, the most important medicine of Ayurvedic physiognomy, is coal or lignite weathered in the high mountains, the most natural and excellent source of humic acid. Before it is processed, it is similar to a kind of asphalt material, which is composed of a large number of herbaceous plants and organic compounds. It tastes bitter, and it smells like old cow urine. Shilajit’s plant’s name is Asphaltum (asphalt). It is divided into four categories according to the mineral dominance of the source rocks: Sauvarna, Rajat, Tamra and Lauha. The final variety Lauha shilajit or blackish-brown Shilajit is common and should be the most effective.

Benefits of Shilajit extract

1. Provides Energy and Revitalization

2. Promotes Brain Health

3. Regulates Hormones and Immune System

4. Alleviates Pain Response

5. May Help Manage Diabetes

6. Helps Prevent and Protect from Cancer

7. Fights Inflammation and Viruses

8. Supports Skeletal Health

9. Good for the Heart and Blood

10. Aids in Breaking Addictions

Dosages of Shilajit Extract

Currently, the only human study conducted used 200mg of Shilajit with 50% Fulvic acid content in two divided doses with meals for a period of 90 days.

There is not a recommended amount as noted above. As a rule of thumb, never take more than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. If you experience side effects of any sort, stop taking shilajit and call your healthcare provider.

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