Soybean Extract 50% phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is also known as compound neuric acid. PS for short, extracted from natural soybean oil residue. It’s an active substance in cell membranes, especially in brain cells. Its main function is to improve the function of nerve cells, regulate the conduction of nerve impulses, and enhance the brain memory function. Due to its strong lipophilicity, it can quickly enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier after absorption, and play a role in soothing vascular smooth muscle cells and increasing the blood supply to the brain

The chemical composition of soybean is mainly protein, oil and carbohydrate. In addition, soybean also contains trace elements, phospholipids, vitamins, inositol, genistein, isoflavone side, various enzymes and crude fiber.

Benefits Of Soybean Extract 50% phosphatidylserine

1. It helps cell walls remain flexible and increases the efficiency of neurotransmitters that transmit brain signals, helping the brain function efficiently and stimulating brain activation.

2. It can safely enhance memory in the short term. Phosphatidylserinic acid supplementation can increase the number of brain spikes, the fluidity of brain cell membrane and promote glucose metabolism in brain cells, thus making brain cells more active, promoting concentration, alertness and memory;

3. Phosphatidylserine (PS) also helps relieve brain fatigue and repair brain cell damage. Because of this special function, phosphatidylserine-related nutritional supplements are widely used in pre-exam nutritional supplements.

Dosages of Soybean Extract 50% phosphatidylserine

The amount of phosphatidylserine ingestion has decreased due to changes in modern dietary habits (such as no more offal), increased awareness of healthy foods (such as eating low-fat, low-cholesterol foods and avoiding large amounts of meat), and food crises (such as mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease). What’s more, modern industrial production of lipids and oils has reduced the natural phospholipid content, further reducing the amount of phosphatidylserine a person should consume daily. In general, the amount of phosphatidylserine intakes in a diet high in meat and fish is about 180 mg/day; If the diet is low in fat, the daily intake of phosphatidylserine should be only 100 mg or even less than 50 mg. According to statistics, the difference between the daily intake of phosphatidylserine and the normal requirement of healthy people is between 70 and 150 mg, and vegetarians are especially deficient, with the difference reaching 200 to 250 mg. For these reasons, 100 to 300 mg of pure phosphatidylserine per day is recommended for healthy people. This is especially important for vegetarians, people on low fat or cholesterol diets, and the elderly. In addition, a number of other diets can also reduce the amount of phosphatidylserine in the brain. For example, a lack of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet reduces the amount of phosphatidylserine in the brain by 28 percent, which in turn changes the biochemical function of the brain’s hippocampus.

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