Valeriana officinalis L. (Latin scientific name: Valeriana Officinalis L.) is a perennial hardy, flowering, herbaceous plant with a height of 120 cm. Rhizomes short and thick, head, hollow stems, cauline leaves ovate to broadly ovate, corolla mauve red or white, floral filaments flat, flowers, flowers July-September.

Benefits for Valerian Root Extract

(1) Anti-depression function.

(2) Sedation, sleep, anticonvulsant effect.

(3)Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumor effects.

(4)Heart Health

(5)Menstrual Pain

Dosage for Valerian Root Extract

The recommended dosage for Valerian root extract powder as a dietary supplement is 300 to 600 mg two hours before bedtime. Consult a doctor before taking this supplement and follow all medical advice. It is not a cure for any medical treatment, but it may have positive health effects.

Side Effects of Valerian Root

Usually, patients tolerate valerian root very well without any side effects. However, side effects are still a possibility and they may include headaches, dizziness, gastric problems, restlessness, dilated pupils, muscle spasms and pruritus. Studies state that it may also cause tiredness. In one particular study, researchers noted that patients were more tired in the morning after taking 900 mg of valerian root (x). 

Medical researchers have not identified any significant herbal or drug interactions with valerian root. However, it may exacerbate side effects from other medications. It may also have adverse side effects with other sedatives, such as benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium), barbiturates or central nervous system depressants (Luminal or morphine) or dietary supplements (St. John’s wort, kava or melatonin

Pregnant or nursing patients should not take valerian root extract. It may cause problems with fetal development. Children younger than three should not take valerian root extract. Researchers have not evaluated how it may affect children (x). Always check with a doctor or healthcare provider before taking this supplement. If you experience any unusual symptoms or side effects, contact a doctor or healthcare provider.

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