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Calcium-alpha-ketoglutarate (C5H4CaO5•H2O) is a mineral calcium in a special form to help normalize concentrations of ordinary calcium in the body. Calcium-alpha-ketoglutarate eliminates excess phosphate in the blood by binding to it and passed into waste.


  • Boosts muscle growth and athletic recovery
  • Can help prevent breakdown of muscle during exercise
  • May delay the onset of fatigue in sport performance
  • It increases collagen production and may improve bone density
  • It appears to improve immune function
  • It collects excess nitrogen and ammonia from the blood, improving detoxification
  • More recently – it has been linked to specific longevity benefits, such as improving biological age (more on this shortly)
  • Its role in gene expression (epigenetic) and cell signalling is in the early stages of research, but it is clear that AKG helps preserve youthful cellular function

Is Alpha Keto Glutarate safe? Are there side effects?

Yes, very much so. In fact, we were able to find no known adverse effects from AKG supplementation for doses up to 2g per kilo of bodyweight (that’s much more than you’ll need to take!).

How does it work ?

Alpha-ketoglutarate works in many pathways in the body, to help make muscle, and to help heal wounds.


Improve sports performance or recovery. You’ll supplement anywhere from 1 to 15 grams per day.

Increase muscle mass you should take 3 to 10g prior to your hypertrophy workouts.

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