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Polygala tenuifolia is a root used in traditional Chinese medicine for its ability to improve memory and protect against cognitive ailments. Limited human evidence suggests Polygala tenuifolia cannot improve memory, but may improve spatial awareness and organization.

Benefit of Polygala Tenuifolia Extract

Improving Memory

Improving Cognitive Function in the Elderly

Animal and Cell Research (Lack of Evidence)





Dosage of Polygala Tenuifolia Extract

Because Polygala tenuifolia is not approved by the FDA for any conditions, there is no official dose. Users and supplement manufacturers have established unofficial doses based on trial and error. Discuss with your doctor if it may be useful as a complementary approach in your case and which dose you should take.

Polygala tenuifolia is available as a powder or as capsules.

Healthy adults can take up to 300 mg per day. In clinical trials, it was administered as 100 mg per dose 3 times a day [7].

The same dose was generally safe in a clinical trial on 60 children and teenagers aged 9-19 .

Keep in mind that the safety profile of Polygala tenuifolia is relatively unknown, given the lack of well-designed clinical studies. The list of side effects below is not a definite one and you should consult your doctor about other potential side effects based on your health condition and possible drug or supplement interactions.

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